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  • Summary: One wand. That’s all I was able to grab when the monsters came.They came at us so fast, those chitinous cretins, with their clacking claws and chomping jaws. The others turned to face the them...but not me. I ran. I ran and ran and ran. Now I’m the only one left.I wish I had a better wand. Don’t get me wrong. A wand of transmogrification is a powerful reality bender. A high powered one will turn a pumpkin to a coach for a full eight hours. Not this one, though. Its spells are good for only five seconds at a time.But it’s all I have. Someone needs to go rescue my friends. And I’m the only one left.THE OBJECTMake your way across 27 levels, collecting pennies and dodging crabs. Collect seven pennies on a level to make the exit door appear. Collect a key to unlock the door. Reach the door to clear the level.THE ENEMYDid I mention the crabs? There are three of them, and they’re not afraid of anything...except heights...and maybe pots of boiling water.THE WEAPONA wand of short-term transmogrification, capable of copying & pasting reality. Simply scan the pattern of one object and then project that pattern onto another object. (WARNING: Spell will wear off after five seconds. Wand is not effective against items made of iron. Please use wand responsibly to avoid causing unwanted dimensional implosions.)THE SECRET WEAPONEarthquakes. Fairies can cause earthquakes. It’s not a generally known part of their mythology, but there it is.If you are in a tight spot, you can try summoning an earthquake to stun the crabs. The thing is, crabs can adapt quickly to earthquakes, and some crabs aren’t slowed down at all.THE REWARDComplete all 27 levels of your mission, and you will see the other fairies freed, and they will do the Dance of Joy in your honor.REPLAY VALUE?Sure, we’ve got some of that. You can try to retrieve the bonus coin on each level, run up a high score, earn achievements, or earn bonus points for speed running the levels. Expand
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