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  • Summary: FIFA 13 is the next iteration in the football franchise.
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 11 out of 11
  2. Mixed: 0 out of 11
  3. Negative: 0 out of 11
  1. Sep 30, 2012
    Adding plenty of polish and online multiplayer functionality, FIFA 13 manages to make an already solid offering even better.
  2. Sep 26, 2012
    FIFA 13 continues the tradition of 'fixing' previous iterations by only a small degree, thankfully the sum-weight of these changes turns out to be quite a lot, making it a worthy pick up for fans of Football games.
  3. Sep 27, 2012
    FIFA Soccer 13 continues to improve the series, but just not as much as past versions have.
  4. Sep 25, 2012
    At the risk of sounding cliché, it's not hard to argue that FIFA 13 is a pitch perfect adaption of the world's sport. While that might be a bit extreme, the brand's dedication to tweaking game mechanics until they are perfect, seems to be shining through loud and clear.
  5. Sep 25, 2012
    So FIFA 13 elicits less of a salivating exclamation, and more of a slow, knowing nod. One that gets more knowing as you discover how much it's been improved, in little, but significant, ways.
  6. Oct 5, 2012
    This new installment of the FIFA franchise on iOS devices offers a good balance between playability and visual performance. A must have for football (or soccer) supporters.
  7. Sep 27, 2012
    As slick as ever and now with online play, FIFA 13 plays a mean game of football in spite of one or two control issues.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 5 out of 11
  2. Negative: 4 out of 11
  1. Sep 26, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This is an absolutely fabulous game, perfectly adapted for touch controls. You have Manager Mode and Online Multiplayer and Tournament and Quick Match and EA Sports Football Club - what more could you want? Expand
  2. Dec 31, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This game is great for football lovers. It has great fluency in the game play. But a little more options In the skill moves would be better and the manager mode seems to be a little too draggy. The online gaming version quality is not te bet as well. But the overall gaming experience is pretty good. Expand
  3. Dec 14, 2012
    FIFA 13 is a good step up from FIFA 12. Unfortunately, a lot of the modes are repeats from last year, notably Quick Match, Tournament, Career Mode (even though it is really fun) and Practice mode. However, online play has been added, allowing you to challenge your Origin friends or random people from around the world. EA Sports Football Club has also been added. You gain experience points from every match you play and every challenge and achievement you complete. You can try and beat your Origin friends. But the best mode is surely Ultimate Team, which allows you to build your dream team. The graphics haven't had a huge overhaul and the music has been changed as usual. But overall, FIFA 13 is a fantastic game that is well worth what some would call a hefty price tag. Expand
  4. Jan 2, 2013
    FIFA 12 with a little improvement in control interface and overall graphical performance. Sometimes the replays replay the wrong moment, or suddenly halt and contiune with the match, something I found to be annoying since FIFA 13. Honestly, its a good football game, but if you have FIFA 12, stick with it till FIFA 14 or 15. Maybe then there will be something really worth buying for. Expand
  5. Nov 19, 2012
    I'll give credit where credit is due. It is nice to see franchise games ending up on mobile systems. For the most part it was easy for a beginner to pick up and play.

    With that said, controls often times were unresponsive and the AI faulty. I found characters would more often than desired knock the ball in a direction you were not aiming or not facing entirely. While it was appreciated that a notice would pop up if you were five goals ahead of your opponent, the differences in difficulty were anything but smooth. Increasing difficulty a tick was the difference between hammering home a 9-0 win and ending up with a 1-1 draw. The difference often felt like being able to pass and shoot to having the ball knocked away from you the moment you stopped sprinting. Also, shots that used to be on target all of the sudden were wide of the mark. Increasing the efficiency and ability of the computer team is all well and good, but it feels like you get punished for trying to play something more challenging.

    Other than that, for seven dollars, it's a good way to kill time. Aside. I'm not sure why critics give this game such high marks when it's nothing sterling. The console and PC versions are far superior.
  6. Nov 12, 2012
    Well if you enjoy playing a dumbed down version of a game that's essentially just an expensive roster update on your smart phone, then you might enjoy this. But I got bored of it in 10 minutes and became very angry with myself that I wasted the money. Expand
  7. Nov 19, 2012
    This is a crime against FIFA. I know it cannot be as good as the console version but it takes the ****. No commentary...plays really slow....THERE IS SO MANY MORE GAMES ON IOS BETTER THAN THIS! The PSVita version gets panned for being the same as the previous year but this is like playing Fifa 98! Expand

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