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Summary: Limit free, want to quickly restore the original price at any time.Landlords "must Ichiban business entertainment, leisure and entertainment.? The gameplay is simple, entertaining, all ages, is one of the most popular poker games.? gameplay:Playing a card game three landowners on the one hand, the other two on the other, the two sides battle, first finished out of the hands of a party to the license wins.The rules of the game1, the licensingThe deck 54, a 17, leaving three cards, players can not see the hole cards in determining the landlord.2, bidFirst and landlords bid can be called "1 minute", "2 points", "3". After bid higher than the front of the player's points can only be called or not called. Bid after bid to score the biggest players for the landlord; players called "3 points" an immediate end to the bidding, the players for the landlord; If you do not call, then re-licensing and re-bid.3, the cardsThree cards to the landlord, and to bluff so everyone can see. Landlords cards first, then turn counterclockwise order the cards turn users with license, the user can choose "no" or a card than on a player. The end of the Council when certain players out of the finished card.4, card typeRockets: dual Wang (magnate and Wang), maximum cards.Bombs: four with value brand (such as the four 7).Single brand: a single brand (such as Hearts 5).Cards: two cards of the same value (such as plum 4 + box 4).The three cards: three cards of the same value (J).Three zones: three cards of the same value + a single brand. For example: 333 +6Single cis: five or more consecutive single brand (such as: 45678 or 78910JQK,). Does not include the 2-point and double king.Double Shun: three pairs or more consecutive pairs of cards (such as: 334 455, 7788991010JJ). 2:00 and double king.Sam Soon: two or more consecutive three cards (such as: 333 444, 555 666 777 888). Does not include the 2-point and double king.Aircraft with wings: Sam Soon + the same number of single brand such as: 444 555 +79Four with two: four cards + two-handed single card. (Note: four with two bomb): 5555 + 3 + 85, the size of the card typeRockets can play any other brand.Small rocket, bomb larger than the other cards. Are bomb card scores than size.In addition to the rockets and bombs, the other cards must have the same card type and total number of sheets of the same order than size.Single card scores than size, followed by the king 2 A K Q J 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3, regardless of color.According to the score card, three cards than size.Shun-branded card score than size.The aircraft winged and four with two to more than three cis-and four-part, with the card does not affect the size.6, the outcome of the judgmentThe end of the game any one out of the license, the landlord wins if the landlord finished out the card first, otherwise the other two wins.7 PointsBottom: bid scoreMultiples: Initial 1, each a bomb or rocket double. (Rockets and bombs did not remain in the hands of not)
Developer: Zhang Dan
Genre(s): Miscellaneous
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