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  • Summary: Flick Angry Ball is lucrative physics based fun package that lets you to have a real like batting experience. The Physics and assembly of the game has been so well put that you actually have a feeling of hit a ball with a bat.Flick Angry Ball, Offers a lot of fun filled and easy controls yet challenging game play. The controls are so simple...You only use finger flick to control the batting..the more accurate you flick your finger to hit the ball, the farther the ball goes, and more points you get.. as simple as thinking of your finger as a bat, and flick it with speed and accuracy !!! There are a lot of puzzling balls that comes with different styles, movements and speeds, you have to keep a close eye on the coming balls and hit them with their deserving angle, speed and intensity. This game contains multiple levels... have very challenging achievements to achieve.. and has very fierce competition among a lot of good players around the glob. If you think that's all what this game has to offer.. then just install the game and prove yourself wrong, it has a lot of fun hidden inside.. and guess what, that is all for absolutely FREE !!!! and we promise to have a lot more of fun coming very soon. Game Tips: `Every achievement boosts up 5000 in your score. `Achieve all the Achievements and get a surprise. Expand
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