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  • Summary: ??? 0.99 → FREE for limited time to celebrate the launch !!! ???New batting experience after "Flick Homerun" !! Realtime online battle with Facebook friends !!With simple flick control and physical effect, you can feel 'real-life like' batting simulation. Interesting fight using various items !!!Flick Batting Features? Easy Control You just flick to control the batting for this game. So hit the ball to the targets.It's simple game that destroying more targets faster.? Multiplay      Have a competition with gamers worldwide as well as your friends. Multiplay is good to play repeatedly becouse it gives gold more than single mode.? Weekly Ranking Challenge the weekly ranking competition with your Facebook friends.You can get 'Freegold' when you invite friends? Various TargetOne of 7 targets apeared randomly. Feel the fun aming the target.Destroying the red pin at once is the key to win.? SkillsTo win opponent easily, need timing for using skills.Skill upgrade will increase the duration time and reduce the cooltime.All skills can be upgraded up to 40Lv.?20 A.I charactersPractice with easy A.I characters or Feel your limitaion with high Lv A.I characters.High Lv A.I is never easy.?25 Achievement BonusWhen you complete the achievements, you will get many gold coins for a reward.Target hit 5 kindsA.I clear 20 kinds? Developer Tip!!!  1. The target witch has red pin can be destroyed in one shot.2. Use the skills strategically by thinking about cool time.3. Click the Freegold buttons often. It's Free!!! lol? FAQ Q : How does 'WeeklyRanking' work?A : More win, Higher rank.     And it will be reset on Thursday.   Try for the top. When you have a question for this game, write it on your review.  Expand
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