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  • Summary: If you were addicted to Flight Control on iPhone, wait until you see it in glorious HD! The App Store classic has landed on iPad with new ways to play and beautiful new graphics. If you’ve never played Flight Control before, now is the perfect time to find out what you’ve been missing! In Flight Control HD, you’re an air traffic controller at an increasingly busy airport. Touch and drag the aircraft to their landing zones, but don’t let them collide. Sounds simple? It is, but can you juggle dozens of flights at peak hour? Firemint’s #1 iPhone hit has been re-imagined for the big screen - it’s everything you love about Flight Control, plus everything you wanted on iPad! *** MORE SPACE *** to land your planes on larger maps *** MORE AIRPORTS *** with eight single-player maps including three in HD *** MORE WAYS TO PLAY *** including co-op and split-screen versus modes *** MORE FUN *** with many improvements to the line-drawing genre it created ======================================================= Acclaim for Flight Control on iPhone: * More than 2,000,000 copies sold – one of the most popular games ever * #1 Paid App in more than 20 countries * Featured by Apple in “Rewind: Best of 2009” * Winner: Pocket Gamer Awards 2010 – Game of the Year * Winner: Macworld 2009 App Gems Awards – Best Casual Game * Finalist: Interactive Achievement Awards - Best Casual Game * Finalist: Game Developers Choice Awards - Best Handheld Game Visit firemint.com/flightcontrolhd for more information. Please visit firemint.com/support if you have questions or need help ======================================================= Flight Control HD comes packed with: * Eight single-player maps: three new HD airfields, all the Classic maps from the iPhone version (Original, Beach, Carrier and Outback) plus a new Snow airfield with variable wind direction. * Beautiful high-quality graphics throughout, including an all-new menu and updated graphics for the Classic maps. * Two player multiplayer over Wi-Fi network or Bluetooth. Play with a friend who has an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad (requires Flight Control or Flight Control HD on both devices): land aircraft of your own color, and direct others off the screen for your fellow Controller to land. * Co-operative multiplayer on a single iPad: share landing duties with a friend on one of three HD airfields. * Do battle on a split-screen in the competitive “versus” mode on one iPad: send your planes to capture aircraft from your opponent, but risk losing them if you fail your mission! * Popular fast forward mode so that expert players can progress through the game faster. Plus a new “safe” fast forward that turns off when collisions may be imminent, so you can still save the day! * Track your performance with detailed statistics and check your skills with in-game leaderboards and ranks. * All-new path continuation widgets make advanced new play styles possible on the large iPad screen. Draw a path part of the way, and then continue it later from its end node. * Flight Control HD automatically saves your game when you are interrupted so you can resume exactly where you left off when you are ready. * Enjoy songs from your own iPod music library while you play. * BONUS: includes a longer version of the classic Flight Control song that you just can’t get out of your head! Visit the community website at flightcontrolhd.cloudcell.com for more connected features: * See Google maps mash-ups of Flight Control scores from all over the world. * Link to your Twitter or Facebook accounts to auto-boast your high scores. * Install the Facebook app to see how you rank against your friends. * Set up personalised leaderboards with tags and follows. Get ready to relive your love affair with Flight Control and experience it on the big screen! Expand
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  1. Feb 12, 2011
    Flight Control HD is one of the first games that I cannot find a fault with.
  2. Feb 12, 2011
    If you have ever enjoyed path-drawing games in the past, Flight Control HD is one that you absolutely cannot miss.
  3. Feb 12, 2011
    Flight Control HD is a high flying, high-definition remake of the iPhone original that does well by adding iPad-exclusive content.
  4. Feb 12, 2011
    Where larger fingers or unsteady hands may have had a disadvantage before, Flight Control HD provides a much smoother experience that's bright and addictive to enjoy.
  5. Feb 12, 2011
    It's just as fun today as it was in the summer of 2009. The new maps and multiplayer modes just add to the charm (and value) of Flight Control. If you haven't played Flight Control yet, there is no better place to start than the new HD model.
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  1. May 27, 2013
    Given that Flight Control has been one of the longest running and best-known iOS games, it's somewhat startling that this is the first actual review (but not the first score). For those who haven't seen an iPhone or iPad in three years or so, FC is the heart of simplicity: a single screen with a multi-runway airport, upon which planes will appear. You drag a path from the plane to its color-coded runway while keeping planes from running into one another. The longer the game goes on, the more planes are on screen at once until you just can't keep up any more. Yes, this game has been around for a long time, but is it worth anything? On the plus side, the game is simple, easy to understand, and has an intuitive control structure. It's one of those games that lives up to the oft-overused phrase: easy to pick up, difficult to master. Graphics are cartoonish but more than adequate; it was never meant to be photo-realistic, and any more detailed graphics would be annoying. Sound is adequate to good, although the music is a little...maddening. Are there any negatives to this old warhorse of a game? One: difficulty is nonlinear, and the game difficulty quickly gets out of hand. That's not so bad, though, because Flight Control is among the first of the time burner games: a game meant to burn off a few spare minutes. It's a sprint, not a marathon. And, in that capacity, it's a lot of fun. A well-deserved 9 to one of the first well-known iOS games, Flight Control. Expand

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