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  • Summary: Ever dreamed about running your own airport? Make it come true with Flight Tycoon! Build your fleet of aircraft, from paper glider, balloons to A380, and link up with other players around the world. Come and start your dream airport and run it towards a tycoon! Why do players love Flight Tycoon? This has got to be my favourite game on my iPod! I love sending planes to people around the world! :-) (by Joshua Horne) This game is addicting. New leadership board, new stuff to do! This so fun. Give the game a try and be prepared to get hooked!!! (by Alberth1)Features: FLY Construct your airport and buy planes of 20+ models. Fly your passengers to other airports and make profit! CONNECT Open lines with your friends and other airports, send your planes out and help prepare them to get back! CONSTRUCT Develop your city! Construct and manage the buildings around your airport such as restaurants, cafes and hotels, to boost the passenger flow as well as your income. CUSTOMIZE Paint your airport ramps and aircraft with 20+ patterns and color schemes! * An Internet connection is required to play Flight Tycoon. We would like to hear from you or assist you through flight@dreamingame.com. Have a safe flight! Join the Flight Tycoon community on Facebook: www.facebook.com/FlightTycoon Expand
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