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  1. Aug 6, 2014
    if you find formula force on your mobile store you would probably see that it has very high reviews with most of them being 5 out of 5 peopleif you find formula force on your mobile store you would probably see that it has very high reviews with most of them being 5 out of 5 people saying the game is amazing, you read that its been made by the same people who did Motorstorm and Wipeout, you look at the features section it describe itself to be a futuristic racer, a stepping stone between formula one and Wipeout, you can defy gravity, ride the walls and ceiling of the tube track, a challenging racing game where you have to pick the right line to win and to avoid crashing otherwise its game over.

    sadly these features don't exist and all you have is an average racing game with inconsistency nothing special and filled with fake reviews to make you buy it.

    the game barley looks futuristic if anything only a few of the tracks do but the cars are just from this era with slight modification. so there's our first inconsistency not keeping to a futuristic theme our second is the cars themselves. as the game says vehicles can defy gravity through speed, now then we assume that all the vehicles will be streamlined to help with the immersion that these cars can reach those speeds but the first set of cars you get one resembles a mini copper another a beefed up pick-up truck and the other resemble a compact Peugeot 206 they don't really fit with the theme of the game and worse they don't defy gravity, coming from the makers of Motorstorm and Wipeout this seems like a weird thing to do, its like putting f1 cars in Motorstorm when Motorstorm is an off road racing game.

    but hey they may of been done on purpose and only the better cars can defy gravity sadly no i unlocked all the cars and even the fastest car cant stay on the walls for long and wont even drive on the ceiling gravity beats them.

    and speaking of gravity and physics you don't need to use the tubes to overtake because crashing isn't that bad, hit the back of the car and they go flying while you stay at the same speed, although same happens to you but even in last place its easy to catch up and get into first in fact i never been in any other place than first we can see the ai crashing they crash more with the faster cars like they cant control them but the slower class barley crash so if your in last place its like they slow down for you. they help you win so there's no real challenge and no option to raise the difficulty.

    lastly the controls don't always work you get the odd refusal to turn and when using tilt its worse.

    the only really positive thing i can say is the graphics are OK but this coming from ex industry professional its terrible how did they go from making fun game play to boring best way to describe this game is bowling with the lanes up.