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  • Summary: You are the manager of a building tenanted by clones. They generally get along, but do not like the idea of being forced do to things by crowds. So, any time they notice that there is a "crowd" -- a crowd is 4 or more like clones living next to each other -- the other tenants pay you to evict them. A smart building manager, you have learned three things about your tenants. First, they are rich; so they are always able and willing to pay to evict crowds. Second they are lazy; whenever there is space below them in the building, they move down. (The building does not have an elevator.) Finally, they are stupid; they only move down vertically and they move down regardless of whether moving puts them in a crowd. So, by cleverly evicting tenants, you can create situations to make more money for yourself. The building can have from 1 to 4 managers. When there is more than one manager, you can either compete with the other managers for eviction money or you can cooperate with the other managers to maximized the money earned. Any or all of the managers can be automated. The automated managers range from very smart to very stupid. Expand
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