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  • Summary: **** DOWNLOAD FOR FREE FROM ITUNES TODAY! PLAY A MINI GAME OF IMAGINARY GOLF WITH YOUR IPHONE OR IPOD! **** Ever wanted to play a game of golf with your friends or by yourself while you're at work and relive the action of being out on the greens or at the putt putt course? Do you really desire to be out on the 9th hole teeing off rather than tearing your hair out with some new assignment your boss or teacher has given you?

    Tee them off as you play your own game of imaginary golf with your iPhone or iPod Touch as easily as setting up your pin, dropping the golf ball, and pulling out your club set for a sweet swing into a dogleg and touch hole to sink your ball into. Forget the world as you listen to the surrounding noises and melodies of your own private country golfing club and the roll of the wheels of golf carts in the distance, lawn mowers mowing down the greens for your private lessons, and even a slight twitter of birds in the corner of your mind. Practice your swing and listen to the ting of the ball as you send it flying down the sports playing field onto the green next to the flag hole.

    Spend a few moments before you go to bed, or after you wake up teeing off on your own private golfing tee off grounds. Even good during your lunch break, between work meetings, on your way home on the bus, or even in the middle of a snowy ski and blizzard full winter where the prospects of a warm day with your clubs and the green of a course mixed with the whites of sand traps and blues of lakes take your cares away and bring you and your friends closer together.

    Is there a girl or guy you always have your eye on at the bar? Why not invite them to play a fun game of imaginary golf with them as a drinking game and give them putting tips for teeing off or stand behind them and guide their nine iron golf club swing. It'll certainly be much more touching than a pickup line could ever be and you'll also find the girls or guys who share your taste in fun sports and outdoor activities. Why wait to meet them on the 18 hole golf course greens when you could drink the night away on your own imaginary golf course.

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