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  • Summary: It’s not unusual. You picked up the guitar, you started learning by ear, and you got pretty good. You can rock a great campfire. For some reason, your latest rendition of Stairway To Heaven left you feeling empty. You know there is more out there.

    This game has a single purpose; to
    help you learn the neck fast, fun and stone cold. Fret Hero will help you pick chords out of the air all over the guitar. Fret Hero will help you break out of those scale boxes you are trapped in. Learning the neck is the single key to unlocking the guitar.

    Fret Hero simulates a 22-fret guitar, both left and right hand. If you have a hard time telling which end is which, start on easy.

    Easy will give you 5 frets to worry about and start at a reasonable tempo, you get 8 beats to press the correct note and you will score more the faster you get it right.

    When you have Easy down, move up to Medium. Medium brings in the next 7 frets for a total of 12. The tempo is slightly increased and it really adds a challenge.

    When you are killing medium regularly, try your shot at Hard. Hard uses the entire 22 fret neck, speeds the tempo into madness, and gives you only 4 beats to press your answer.

    There are of course nice little achievements to score along the way as you streak your way through the levels. For a little added fun, the tempo increases automatically. If you have the sound turned up you’ll hear the note being displayed and some rocking guitar when you are on the right track.

    Fret Hero is a fun, attractive and challenging way to accomplish something that is usually pretty boring. You can sit in your bedroom and play scales while you sing the notes if you want, I’d rather rock it out.
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