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  • Summary: Introducing Friskies® Happy WingsAs any moth will tell you… Kitty can’t resist things with wings. Now Friskies®, the creators of web-famous Catfishing games that are guaranteed to enchant your cat for whole… seconds… of time, introduces… Friskies® Happy Wings. Welcome to a garden full of flittering critters, including a charming Hummingbird, an irresistible Moth and a life-size Little Dragonfly. Designed for a Cat’s Sense of PlayThink of Happy Wings as an electronic garden. It’s a harmless way for kitty to “engage” with creatures that flit, float, buzz and hover. And this fits perfectly with the Friskies® feeding philosophy: bringing the richness, variety and fun of the great outdoors… inside. Yep. Wait for it… Feed the Senses.Winging It•Multiple garden-like settings with ambient sounds. Birds, Moths, Dragonflies each dance across the screen in teasing patterns to attract the cat’s attention. •When the cat captures a certain number of creatures, the game setting changes, the patterns become quicker, and multiple creatures appear together.•Once the game has escalated though a few levels the cat is rewarded with a "You Won" and a cat-friendly Play Again button; meaning that, presumably, the cat can participate in continuous play without human intervention. Repeat: presumably. Expand
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