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  • Summary: What on earth is a Füber?

    Well, a Füber is a tiny über cute ball of fur. Fübers come in many different colors. Although you often find them in a big heap, with Fübers of every color, they are only truely happy if they hang around with Fübers of the same color.
    Your job is to make your Fübers happy by placing three or more of the same color together. But beware, there are also some weird specimen around. Early on, you might meet:

    - The confused Twister. He is not particularly dangerous, but he tends to make a mess of things.
    - The spiky Blocker. He is pretty annoying. Since he does not like to move much, he makes it harder for you to pair up the other Fübers
    - And many more ...

    Füber is already heavily played in our offices. Almost every morning somebody comes in with a new highscore. And not just a few lunch breaks have been lost to the attempt of beating our colleague's score.

    Füber includes:
    - Addictive gameplay
    - Cute graphics
    - Controls especially designed for the iPhone and iPod touch
    - Endless levels
    - Many special Fübers
    - Highscores

    Watch the demo video on youtube.com:
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