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  • Summary: * Fun Maze is a unique concept and it engages the interest of the player hard to keep your hands off it. * Visual representation of the game is fun to see which gives an eye catching effect. * Evade the obstructions to accomplish the level by tilting your device in all directions. * 40 amazing levels. * Enjoy 10 free levels. * Rate us to unlock 10 more levels. * Buy 20 more exiting levels for Just $0.99 Fun Maze Is an Amazing game you need to get hold of the game play to accomplish the level. Fun Maze is a unique game loaded with dynamic obstacles providing endless entertainment on your iPhone. Every new stage comes with a unique challenge which requires gamers to use different strategies in order to progress to the next level. Fun Maze is a very hands-on-game, thus requiring the gamer to have excellent hand-eye coordination. Nonetheless, if you lack good hands-eye coordination, Fun Maze is a great game to improve it, all the while having fun doing so. The objective of the game is to safely navigate your ball from one point to another by tilting it in the corresponding direction, all the while avoiding different obstacles that can kill you. You have to avoid the golden rods while the blue rods are harmless. Moreover, you have to avoid falling into the various gutters that come along your path. In more advanced levels the gutters can shift in different directions, making avoidance difficult and more challenging. Expand
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