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  • Summary: Gem Hunter is an addictive and challenging logic based puzzle game.

    Your goal in the game is to locate a number of hidden gems in the playfield. By tapping the arrows located around the board, you launch a beam into the playfield. Based on the behavior of the beam, clues are given as to
    where the gems are located.

    There are three results that can happen when the beam enters the playfield. It can be Reflected (indicated by a capital R), Hit agem directly (indicated by a capital H) or Deflect (indicated by a colored marker at the entry and exit points).

    When you feel you have enough information to determine the hidden gem locations, you place a marker on each location and hit "Check Gems" to reveal how well you did. Gems that were properly marked will turn green. Gem locations that were missed are marked in red.

    Features Include...
    * Multiple difficulty levels through 1-7 hidden gems in randomized locations. This gives you unlimited game combinations!
    * Optional gem number randomizer. This will randomize the number of gems hidden from game to game!
    * Optional timer mode for recording winning times.
    * Detailed statistics page which shows best time and number of games won for each level.
    * Winning streak counter.
    * Optional teach mode to help learn the game concepts.
    * Rules and quick reference guide.
    * Optionally turn all game sounds on or off.
    * The current game can be resumed at a later time.
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