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  • Summary: Welcome to Geome-3!

    The object of the basic game is to match the colors of the inside edges of each of the 6 triangles. To rotate the triangle, double-tap on the triangle. To swap a triangle with another triangle, touch and drag the triangle to a position over the other triangle and
    release the touch. This will swap the places of the 2 triangles. It will attempt to automatically match to the triangles around it.

    There is only one solution (i.e. triangle arrangement) per puzzle and there are over 30 different unique puzzles in the application.

    There are 3 basic games provided. Single Play, Mini Tournament, and Countdown Timer.

    Single Play is the basic game and will just time how long it takes to solve the puzzle. The timer will start on first touch of the game board. The “Shake It Up” button will shuffle the triangles and start that particular puzzle over. Note that this does not reset the timer. Sometimes, this helps solve a difficult puzzle by taking a fresh look at it. The “New Puzzle” button will randomly select a new puzzle and start a new game. The timer will be reset in this case.

    Mini Tournament is the next game and challenges the user to solve 3, 5, or 7 games in a row. The timer is reset each game, but the total time is kept across all games and the goal is to achieve a high score after playing all of the games.

    Countdown Timer is the most challenging game of the three. It is very similar to Mini Tournament except that you have to solve each game in its allotted timeframe. There are 4 timeframes to choose from: 150, 120, 90, and 60 seconds.

    Last, there are options for enabling sound effects as well as disabling the shake shuffle. Sometimes, accidentally “moving” the iPod will shake your arrangement of pieces.

    Good luck and have fun playing.
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