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  • Summary: GEON is a fast paced and frenzied arcade action game played on a selection of colourful 3D geometric grids.

    How fast can you clear the grids? Roll your ‘GEON’ cube to collect all the pellets and score five goals.

    Deploy the unique abilities of various powerballs to give
    yourself a competitive edge.
    You must race against the clock to win medals and become the GEON King. Post your high scores to the leader boards and beat your friends!

    GEON features hours of gameplay and heaps of replay value as you play to beat your best times. Each of the 24 grids and mini game challenges require logic, skill and concentration, so flex your fingers and test your reflexes. Are you ready!...3,2,1,….GO!

    • Stunning 3D Arcade game play!
    • 16 time attack grids with ramps,moving platforms and loops.
    • 4 unique power-ups with special collecting abilities! Greed, Bliss, Passion and Hyper.
    • 8 awesome mini game challenges. Race against the clock whilst avoiding the hazards and reach the goal to win.
    • Local and global leader boards.
    • Crystal integration for leader boards and achievements.

    GEON, Lets roll!
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  1. Mar 5, 2011
    Although powered by bright neon colors, 3D levels, and beautiful polish, the game's simpleness and uncomfortable controls keep it from being a truly exceptional game.
  2. Mar 5, 2011
    GEON is an interesting mix of gameplay elements that doesn't quite fuse perfectly, but for a quick game on the go it proves to be a challenging experience.
  3. Mar 5, 2011
    Knockout visuals mask the fun, yet uninspired maze runner that is Geon.