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  • Summary: Available ONLY for IPHONE 4, IPHONE 4S, IPOD TOUCH 4TH GEN, IPAD 2 and IPAD 3. Requires gyroscope and camera to play!Ghostbusters™ Paranormal Blast is the best Augmented Reality game to ever hit the app store. Battle ghosts in your neighborhood as you rid your own city of paranormal foes! ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++REAL-WORLD GHOST BUSTING: Blast and then steer ghosts into a virtual ghost trap for containment and collection in a strikingly immersive augmented reality battle. Just like a real Rookie!LOCATION-BASED GHOST HUNTING: Take charge and help rid the world of evil spirits in your city! STUNNING 3D RETINA DISPLAY GRAPHICS: Face well-known foes in high-res 3D, including Slimer and the Spectral Librarian, plus 14 new and unique ghosts to hunt and collect. FUN FILLED ACTION ARCADE, GAME CENTRE INTEGRATION: Answer the calls and bust your way through 20+ missions to achieve ultimate godly status! Your city will reward you with petty cash for every ghost busted to upgrade your Proton Pack, Neutrona Wand, Flight Suit, and Ghost Trap.++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Ghostbusters™ Paranormal Blast is the first augmented reality Ghostbusters™ game, letting you become a Ghostbuster in your own city! What are you waiting for? Turn your mobile device into your most powerful weapon against paranormal menaces and kick some ectoplasmic butt!++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Check out our other amazing games!! Cows vs. Aliens, Inspector Gadget, Drag Racer World, and Fashion Star Boutique!Who you gonna call??Visit Us! xmg.comLike Us! Us! Collapse
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  1. Aug 9, 2012
    As far as augmented reality games go, this one is top-quality. The ghosts are hard to catch and they fight back, covering your screen with green slime or even cracking the glass. As far as Ghostbusters fandom goes, it is an entertaining and exciting way to feel like you are part of the team.
  2. Aug 9, 2012
    The developers have hit upon a fun little concept here that just works well for Ghostbusters, but the execution is off the mark. With a bit of tweaking, Ghostbusters Paranormal Blast could be awesome for fans of supernatural elimination. We're ready to believe you, but we need just a little more to believe in first.
  3. Aug 15, 2012
    Ghostbusters Paranormal Blast is a one session play that will keep players occupied about as long as a commercial break.
  4. Sep 4, 2012
    Three years later, XMG Studio has tried to recapture some of that success with a new title for the iOS – Ghostbusters Paranormal Blast. However, it struggles more than Ray trying to wrangle Slimer into a ghost trap.
  5. Nov 8, 2012
    Fun for a few minutes but repetitive and boring after prolonged play, Ghostbusters: Paranormal Blast's excellent presentation can't save it from mediocrity.
  6. Aug 13, 2012
    A quirky little tool, and it's nice to see more people attempt to utilize the iOS cameras in gameplay, but this is far from the supreme ghost fighting experience that many of us have been waiting for our entire lives. It's a fun gimmick to show your friends, but the novelty disappears faster than a Slimer in broad daylight.