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  • Summary: The legend lives !

    "We've thoroughly enjoyed what we've played so far of Armin Gessert's Giana Sisters. There's something special about a great 80's platformer, and this one seems to get all the elements just right."
    ( "This really is a TOP QUALITY game. One of the best I have played for sure. .. "Pick it up now ..Best platformer I have played on my iphone by far." (CRANKER, forum) "this is a great game. Retro, but with a contemporary feel." (squarezero, forum) "It's nice -- very well done, if very cartoony now, and it plays a great deal like the original." (Mindfield, forum) "Fantastic animations, great graphics in general, controls work well, the music is nice. Overall: a wonderful atmosphere." (your_personal_robot, forum) "This is a really great game. Everything works so well and it is a blast. (BazookaTime, forum) "1st game for me well worth the asking price.I played this when it was 1st launched way back and to show how much I liked it I still have the discs as I couldnt bring myself to dispose or even sell them." (asolja, "I have played this game now for 1 hour and i LOVE IT! The music is so so so great and the graphics is good too. Buy it. 5/5" (Neostar, ***************************************** More than 20 years ago Armin Gessert developed with GIANA SISTERS one of the first Jump'n'Run games for the Commodore C64 - the console manufacturers got anxious - one of them tried to stop the sisters and the end seemed close. But you might say when idols die then legends are born ! As in this case. C64, Amiga, Amstrad and Atari ST Gamer honor GIANA SISTERS and an original game with packaging has become a rare collector's item. The legend is back, better and bigger than ever before. Four years after the successful mobile phone version the GIANA SISTERS celebrate their arrival in the new millenium as an iPone App, without loosing their 80s charm. Especially designed for the possibilities and functions of the iPhone / iPod GIANA SISTERS captivates through its completely new graphic especially for this version, new control options and several Apple 3.0 features. The newly polished 32 classic levels from the old days should result in hear palpitation and teary-eyes for real enthusiasts. Even though GIANA SISTERS has been polished off from its decade old dust 2010 it goes strong with the known style, legendary sound and all classic features. Jump deep into the Giana world with 80 new adventures. Choose between classic or touch control as well as several new features - a connection to Facebook gives GIANA SISTERS the connection into this world. GIANA SISTERS provides you with fun for your iPhone and iPod that lasts for hours ! - 80 new levels - 32 retro levels - completely new graphic set especially for iPhone and iPod - 2 controls (touch and classic) - iPod connection - play your own music whild you play GIANA SISTERS - 5 languages: English, German, Spanish, French and Italian - legendary soundtrack, inspired by Chris Huelsbeck - Online community tools Expand
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  1. Feb 12, 2011
    The single best platformer on the iPhone. If you want a better game, you'll have to lay hands on a Nintendo DS to play New Super Mario Bros. And even then, Giana Sisters stacks up for its fantastic art direction, unique creature designs and the fact that the entire game world isn't the product of a bizarre acid trip.
  2. Feb 12, 2011
    With online scores, and achievements through OpenFeint gamelife the game turns into a complete package. To me Giana Sisters is among the best platform games for the iPhone alongside Soosiz and Earthworm Jim.
  3. Feb 12, 2011
    This is a classic from the vaults of gaming history revisited for touch devices and while not the best platformer available it does have a genuine pedigree to live up to.
  4. Feb 12, 2011
    Achievement hunters and competitive types will also be glad to know that Giana Sisters comes packaged with OpenFeint support for both achievements and leaderboards.
  5. Feb 12, 2011
    Giana Sisters won't win any awards for creativity, but the gameplay is solid and the high fun factor will keep you coming back for more.
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  1. May 5, 2014
    This is what Jump and Run should look,Sound and feel like. A wonderfull Game and a must have for everyone.
    Its hard at the end but not
    unfair. The OST alone ist worth listening !!!
    Dont Read! go an get it! Collect all the Diamonds....