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  • Summary: **** Price Alert! **** This app has been set to the lowest price for the Christmas period. Please leave a review if you purchase **** Price Alert! **** Can you rule? In Globule! A game so simple and addictive you will love it! "I just cant put it down, it's great for those moments where you need something to do for 5 minutes"

    Now you can have a great game for a great price, that will help fill those silent moments, those times where you just need something to do for a couple of minutes or even as some of our customers have said... when your on the toilet!

    This is a great addictive concentration game that you can play any where. Even our own team can't stop playing when they are testing it.

    How To Play
    Small globules (liquid filled bubbles) pop up from a grid of globule generators and you must prevent them from swelling until they burst by tapping each one on the screen. You will find that its so addictive you won't stop until you get a higher score.

    There are 6 levels to chose from. The original 'Classic' level will let you play the game as originally intended. But 5 more enhanced levels are available, each with a unique and cunning twist. When you reach the last level you will be a master at the game... and if you're not then you won't last more than a few seconds.

    If you have mastered the concentration needed to play each level then you can unlock another level of difficulty... the Extreme! level of difficulty will increase the speed of the game to an insane amount. Try it, if you think you can handle it!

    Also know that we love to hear your own ideas, especially when there is something that could make your life easier - so why not email us (email address is found in the about page)

    • 6 game levels
    • 2 levels of difficulty
    • Great graphics
    • Addictive game play
    • Lots of good fun

    One of the most addictive games you will buy
    This game is priced at the lowest possible price on the App Store so you can enjoy a great game for peanuts. And for this small price you will never be bored again waiting for a bus, in a queue, or even when your on the toilet. Just tap your globule and start to play.

    Best of all if you have any ideas, queries, bug reports or just simple suggestions you can email us and we will do what we can to improve the game. Together we can build better iPhone applications

    For all those that have downloaded this application
    - thank you
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