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  • Summary: Version 1.1 redesign the user interface also fixed the "Pan/Zoom" problem and other few bugs. Please go to http://www.selinasvillage.com/gogo.html, to see how you can play with Go Go! And Please feel free to send email to contact@selinasvillage.com if you have any questions. Gogo is a Go game iphone application. It's driven by the last GNU Go 3.6 engine.

    1. Support 4 play modes.
    a) People against Gogo
    b) Gogo against people
    c) Two people play Go game
    d) You can check how Gogo plays against Gogo
    2. It has 10 play difficulty levels.
    3. It supports 5 levels handicap level.
    4. It supports Japanese rules and Chinese rules.
    5. It supports Chinese and Japanese.

    The most left button is the Pan/Zoom button, you can zoom or pan the Go board.
    The next button is "undo" button.
    The next button is "pass" button.
    The next button is "resign" button.
    The most right button is "new game" button.

    Please contact contact@selinasvillage.com if you have any comments.
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