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  1. Dec 4, 2013
    I'd like to start off with the positives: the game is fun, the design is nice and the various challenges are enjoyable. Unfortunately, the negatives far outweigh the positives. From my personal experience, and now that I am reading more about it I understand that I am not alone, the makers are doing everything possible to make you purchase various items. The game itself is free, but in order to 'advance' you really need to pay and not only once, but continuously. So pay I did. And then I discovered the customer service. I had a problem linked to an update that I believe (and others from the comment boards) was very poorly explained. After this update I lost the 'powered up' clubs (as did others, again on the comment boards) that I had spent time and money on. Of course I contacted the company looking for help. Their response was, essentially, 'the new update has a random success/fail outcome, less likely to fail if you spend more money. Once completed, if you fail, you have simply lost your money'. I wrote back to them to make sure I had understood what they had said, asking them if they were actually saying 'tough luck' and they answered me 'yes, we are saying tough luck'. There were other details in the email, but nothing that alters the above.
    In conclusion, I would happily play this game, and spend money on it, if the makers were interested in their clients satisfaction. The fact that my recent experience says completely the opposite means that I will be deleting the app, and spreading the word about how they simply want to get as much of your money as possible.
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  2. Oct 30, 2013
    Good graphics and love how you can do custom character design. Also love multiplayer feature. I can have my friends and myself can make a small tournament between each other. Also the game gives out free currency sometimes when you level up. Furthermore, Com2uS personally gives out free stars if you join in their tournaments on the Hub Club! I gotta say, this is really a user friendly game! Full Review »