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Generally favorable reviews- based on 42 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 33 out of 42
  2. Negative: 6 out of 42

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  1. Dec 10, 2012
    One of my first games for PSP i remember playing it two years ago, it was pretty enjoyable. Loved the story and the gameplay. GTA games are always fun. And the cheat codes just made it better. Long hours spent on that game on my old psp.
  2. Jun 19, 2013
    Game is great. Great story line, great characters, great all around. The only reason why I did not give it a 10 is because the controls are sometimes suspect. But this is a fun, fun game. If you haven't played it yet, get it on iOS or PSN.
  3. Dec 10, 2012
    Well...first of all silentinu, you do know that Vice City and Vice City stories were two totally different games right?

    Anyway, it's nice to see how well this got ported but seeing as it crashes every 5 minutes I can't give it a proper score because I haven't played it extensively enough. Right now I'm 5 dollars short for a half working app.
  4. Nov 23, 2014
    A Scarface inspired game, even with a Scarface Easter egg 'Apartment 3c', this game is amazing. Although the map may seem smaller than GTA III, this game did not feel rushed. In fact there were many improvements like being able to change clothes, to buying houses to adding helicopters and motorbikes to the game. Before GTA San Andreas came out this was the best game. And it is amazing that it is able to play on portable devices nowadays. This game may be old, but it is still very memorable Expand
  5. Dec 11, 2012
    lag, crash, lag, crash, lag, crash, lag, crash, lag, crash, lag, crash, lag,......... can't really play on my ipod touch 4, lags on iphone 4s too....
  6. Dec 17, 2012
    Not bad at all for a GTA title, great graphics and control, gameplay is top notch, highly recommended!

    The story is compelling, haven't played much GTA titles but this one really attracts my attention!
  7. Aug 13, 2014
    Controls are a little diffucult... okay, they're really difficult. But I'm glad to see this game a little remastered and on the Iphone and Android devices. It's really great, I love the gameplay, but I don't really care much for the story.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 19 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 13 out of 19
  2. Negative: 0 out of 19
  1. Feb 10, 2013
    If you aren't grinning by mission two then there's something very wrong with you. [March 2013, p.92]
  2. Jan 16, 2013
    It is no San Andreas, but an enjoyable romp nonetheless - it is also one rather gigantic download though but one well worth it if you can make the space.
  3. Jan 2, 2013
    There's also the simple fact that Vice City is an amazing game in most regards. In this regard, the high points far outweigh the control issues, making Vice City for iOS a no brainer for most gamers.