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  • Summary: ************* - Gravity Golf HAS MORE THAN 12000 PLAYERS AROUND THE WORLD - This is an ad-free version of Gravity Golf. If you don't like advertisements or you wan't to support me, this is tha app for you. ************* Reviews from customers: "It's an amusing mini game! Great work! Can't wait the next production!"

    "Without question one of the most unique approaches to a golf game."

    "Great idea. Awesome game."

    Gravity Golf is a really addictive strategy game. The goal is to hit the star with the white ball using the gravity of the planets. But be careful, in the force field of the Sun you can get burned. Once you have died you can restart the level, but you have only 10 lives.Of course, you can continue the game where you left off.
    The less shots you take, the higher score you get. So try to minimalize the number of the attempts, and you can get into highscores.

    The lines are only there to help you. They don't interfere with the planets!

    -150 new level
    -Easy, medium and hard mode
    -New, improved graphics
    -New, enriched help
    -Global high score
    -Local high score
    -In App Contact
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