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  • Summary: BMW, Jaguar, Ferrari, Bentley, Koenigsegg... love it?! Mania for cars? Prove yourself in this fun game! By watch parts of cars, to guess their models. Stuck?? It does not matter, you can ask your frends via Facebook. In addition, the cars selected are well-known, if you do not know, really need to get some knowledge about them! never regret~b (¯ ? ¯) dAll the tips are well-prepared! You can know cars' year, brand, and kind.After make the right answer, you can click the "wiki" button to see detailed introduction.-----------? over 200 outstanding cars to guess! Continuously updated!The cars in the game are very well-known cars. If you do not know the car, really worth to check~? 'tips' and 'star'If it is difficult to guess, don't worry! You can use the 'tips' to show some car tips to help you to remember. Or use 'stars' to unlock the answer.? (¯ ? ¯) ?? seek the help from friends!If you have used all the tips, but still do not know the answer + ? +, do not worry - you can always paste picture onto your Facebook or Weibo, so your friends can help you guess!? game statistics - to see how good you playStatistical functions in the "Settings", you see how many questions you solved; how many tips and stars you use, and so on ... Also, you can also post your scores onto Facebook or Webo. Have a competition with friends!Have Fun!-----------Any questions or suggestions, please contact: neve.interactive @ gmail.comFacebook: search "NEVE game". Expand
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