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  • Summary: It’s time for real gangstazz to show up! Grab your courage with both hands and engage in a firefight with a real opponent in the mind-blowing online shooter Gun Fights! Show who’s the daddy!Feel the spirit of risky dueling with this true-to-life massive multiplayer game. Challenge other users in real time and hear your heart bumping while trying to dodge the rival’s bullets.The more battles are aced, the more reward money you get for upgrading the character’s looks and equip. Take a deep dive into the gunfight atmosphere reproduced with the superb graphics and thematic sounds. A thrilling adrenalin rush is assured: just pull the trigger!Features:• Earn respect by winning as many fights as you can• Enjoy the stunning variety of guns: Desert Eagle, AK-47, Jackhammer, Beretta, Heckler&Koch and more!• Customize your character from head to toe: grab pants, T-shirts, boots, caps, jackets and a huge pile of accessories• Create any look you want: Italian mafiosi, street rapper, spunky cowboy and even more• Special equipment available: frags, sights, armor vests, anti-flash glasses, medkits and much more! • Raise your rankings to hit the Top 50 shooters• Show off on Facebook to get free gold • Manage your list of friends, blocked players, hit lists• Don’t feel like battling? Retreat from the fight!• Send messages to your opponents• Get different types of achievements: spirit, proficiency, stamina, looks, skills• Invite friends on Facebook, via email or smsShoot like a pro and win like a boss! Feel the pulse of fighting! Expand
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