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  • Summary: Score points by throwing your hammer to kill the enemy.
    An exhilarating game that allows you to seriously increase points when in striker mode and using combos.

    Touch the screen and swing the hammer when the game starts.
    The hammer will start to glow once you build up enough momentum.

    Kill the enemy by releasing your finger to throw the hammer.
    Combos are made by killing enemies in succession, and multiplies your score by the number of combos achieved.

    You can hit the enemy while swinging the hammer, but you will not get points and the hammer will lose momentum.
    Try not to hit the enemy while swinging the hammer.

    Getting a High Score
    1. Throwing the hammer while it is glowing gives better momentum and you can get more combos.
    The color of the glow shows how much momentum you have. Yellow shows peak momentum.

    2. Striker Mode Combos
    The striker gauge (located at the bottom of the screen) will power-up when making combos.
    You will temporarily enter striker mode once the gauge has reached maximum capacity.
    While in striker mode, you will not hit the enemy while swinging the hammer, which easily gains momentum in striker mode.
    The hammer breaks up when thrown, so you can do a number of combos in a single burst.


    This mode is for beginners.

    A little more difficult than normal mode, but with higher scores up for grabs.

    Many more enemies to annihilate. Just don't panic!

    Really high scores up for grabs. Aim for a million points!

    Score 5 points for killing an enemy; 10 points in blue glow; 15 points when red; and 20 points when yellow.
    No points are scored when hitting the enemy while swinging the hammer.
    The number of combos achieved is multiplied, so 10 combos get you 200 points.
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