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  • Summary: Release note for?CATCH STYLE?*under examination2012. 11. 25 Event InformationThe hottest music game for iPhone&iPad "Groove Catch" finally holds an event!You can check fresh news of new app, hidden mode open with live show of artists who participated in CD record.Come to our event and get limited edition CD covered with many of Groove Catch artists'songs.See you at Akihabara, Nov. 25th.???? Groove Catch Festival 2012 ????2012.11.25(Sun) Enter 17:00 / Play starts 17:15 / Plat ends 20:00(or later)Spot: ASOBITCITY (TOKYO AKIHABARA)Fee: 1,000 Yen (everyone gets Groove Catch limited edition CD)Live show: THE APRILS / THE LADY SPADE / SEXY-SYNTHESIZER / spoon+ / Omodaka / Cutie PaiMini live & Costume play: YUIMINO+Real-time broadcast USTREAM: MUSENET TV?USTREAM? Nico Douga? : : STYLE is made for music industry and artist, and is also social platform that artist and fans could communicate each other.?????+.??…?????+.??…?????+.??About GYRO STYLE?You can enjoy GYRO STYLE with Tilt to catch strawberry and ice cream.Providing Free + Purchased package download as always.??+.??+.??+.??+.??+.??+.??+.??+.??+.?Free Music????Respect - short version???Try your magic spell - short version???Kaede Newtown – the animation opening theme - short version=[]=[]=[]=[]=[]=[]=[]=[]==[]=[]=[]=[]=[]=[]=[]=[]==[]=[]=[]=[]=[]=[]=[]=Official Site : www.wimusic.jpFACEBOOK : : Requirements. ??? iPhone 3GS or higher?? iPad2 or higher?YAMAHA and VOCALOID are registered trademarks or trademarks of Yamaha Inc. in the Japan and other countries.?Hatsune Miku is a registered trademark of CRYPTON FUTURE MEDIA, INC (Authorized)Other printed or displayed company name and product name are registered trademarks or trademarks. Expand
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