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  • Summary: Unleash your creativity and compete against others in this interactive haiku poetry game!
    It's a one-for-all and an all-for-one endless competition which will make your inner creative genius go wild. Engage in the mortal combat for beauty and harmony.
    Express yourself and become more
    and more powerful in the World of Haiku raising from a mere Apprentice to the God of Haiku with unlimited power.

    Create and send your anonymous haiku to the world, and let strangers decide its fate. Vote for haiku that moves your spirit. Watch them disappear from view or climb the ladder of glory.

    IMPORTANT: the application MUST BE CONNECTED to the internet to be able to work!


    * The elite haiku network is separated from the free Haiku Wind HD application.

    * Hall of Fame: the best haiku move to the Hall of Fame making way for new creations.

    * Seven Stages of Haikudom: gain more and more power in the world of Haiku as you advance through these steps:

    1) Apprentice;
    2) Journeyman;
    3) Master;
    4) Priest;
    5) Devil;
    6) Daemon;
    7) God.

    The more powerful you are the more votes you can give to a single haiku.

    * Your score is decided by strangers - wake up one morning and discover that you have become a Haiku God!

    * Post haiku you like to Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc.

    * See how many of your haiku were favorited.

    * Website integration: www.haikuwind.com is an integral part of the application: even those who don't have an iPad can see what's going on.

    * Twitter account @haikuwind posts all haiku with 3 or more points for your convenience.
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