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  • Summary: Remember the classic hangman? Well, kiss it goodbye! -- With Hangman RSS you play with real-time news ;) How about that? 

    The key point is that every game you play is always new, up to date, and exciting! And, you guess a word within a real phrase. Show who you are to your
    friends, and challenge them to beat your scores! 

    How does it work? Very simple: Hangman RSS  automatically downloads for you the latest top news from Internet. When you play at the easy level you have to figure out one word from a random news article title. At the medium, hard, and expert levels respectively two, three, and four words.

    The score you make is based on the difficulty and the time it takes for you to solve a game. And, you can measure yourself also on the runs, that is, the number of games that you win in a row!

    Think it's easy to score? Think twice!

    (...and, besides English, you can also play with real-time news in Deutsch, Dutch, Español, Français, Italiano, Svenska, and Português from their respective countries!)

    For any question, write us at hrsFeedback@fingerarts.com

    And remember, as always, your five stars (?????) are very important to us, and they help us to bring you free updates and new exiting games!
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