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  • Summary: ****************************** On Sale for a short period ****************************** Checkout out our other apps: (1) Fractions Helper (2) Algebra Helper 1 (3) MySalary: How much are you making? Play hangman with a math twist *** http://iphoneapps-review.com/ *** "Hangman? No, Hangmath! I think this app is genius, and I really wish I had something like it when I was struggling with my math classes, it would have helped make everything go that much smoother..."

    Hangmath is your Brain Challenger for all ages. Improve your math skills and challenge yourself with Multiplications, divisions, additions, and subtractions. Add to the challenge and play with Algebra mode and figure out the missing number. Play and enhance your math skills. Race against time or just kick back and learn while you play.

    The "Surprise Me" game play with 3 seconds timeout option is the most challenging one; must be prepared to answer questions of any operation

    Choose from four levels: Easy, Medium, Hard, or Insane

    Choose from the five time out options: 3, 5, 7, 15 seconds or turn off the timer

    Challenge yourself and enable the *Algebra Mode* and answer question like this:
    * 8 x ? = 72

    * Challenge your friend via email by sharing your high score.

    Checkout the game for your self in how many seconds can you answer 30 questions without making any mistake?
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