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  • Summary: Learn interesting facts about Zurich, test your IQ and compare yourself with your friends! The goal of the game is to answer to 10 multiple choice questions, as fast as possible. At the end you'll get a badge with your Zurich IQ that you can share with your friends via email and Facebook. Improve your IQ by playing again. There are 100 questions in total! The learning twist in the game is that the cards have two sides, each with one question. The correct answer to a given question is in bold lettering on the other side of the card. Unlike in a traditional trivia game, remembering answers helps players to win. HELVETIQ Zurich rewards learning and memory. FEATURES: - learn interesting facts about Geneva - obtain your "Zurich IQ" badge - share your Zurich IQ with friends via email, Twitter and Facebook - sleek, stylish user interface - learn more about the original board game This Zurich IQ test is based upon the original board game Helvetiq. Helvetiq is a game that accelerates the fun factor while you rack up knowledge about Switzerland! The game has two distinct parts. The first of the two games is a quiz, for ages eight and up. The second game, designed for players aged twelve and up, demands more strategic thinking as players compete against one another to advance political careers. The idea of the game originated from its inventor's citizenship procedure. Expand
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