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  • Summary: The Holdem Poker Odds Calculator allows for quick calculations of Poker Odds right at the Poker Table. The interface allows for quick input of cards and players, making it ideal even when playing Online-Poker.

    The App allows for matchups between 2 and 10 players and accepts input for all
    players known cards. If a player’s cards are not known, the App will assign random cards to the player in order to calculate the outcome.

    Once the calculation has been completed, all players will have their odds winning (and tying) of the hands displayed next to their cards together with what they’re final hand is most likely going to be (Straight, Full House etc.).

    With a tap on a player’s statistics, a detailed look at final hand is presented. Statistics include all Hand Types together with they’re frequencies of occurring in the particular scenario that was entered in addition to the percentage of the Hand Type actually winning when it happens to be the final Hand.

    Overall the Holdem Poker Odds Calculator gives the everyday Poker Player the ability to figure out if they have the right odds in a particular situation or simply to prove their buddy’s wrong by showing them that they were actually the favorite in the hand.

    - Quick entry of matchups with special card keyboard
    - Accepts matchup between 2 and 10 players
    - Displays odds of winning and tying
    - Sort Players by winning percentage
    - Shows Hand type player is most likely to make
    - Probability of each Hand type being the winning hand
    - Option to set how many hands to simulate
    - Online Mode which allows for even quicker calculations when an internet connection is available

    For more information, visit:
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