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  • Summary: I LOVE SQUARES - a new kind of puzzle game.In I LOVE SQUARES, you drop PIECES to make SQUARES. To play, drop horizontal and vertical pieces to create squares of the same color. Create one square at a time or create a larger shapes to pick up several squares at once. The bigger the shape, the higher the score. Clear the board before pieces go over the top!See a gameplay video at www.ilovesquaresgame.comI LOVE SQUARES TOO+ Play at your own pace - there is no timer. Simply tap the location where you want to drop a piece.+ Build and match - Create squares using pieces of the same color. When you make a square, those pieces disappear and any pieces above the square will fall down.+ Maximize your score - Create many squares at once by creating a perimeter of the same color.+ Freedom of movement - Move pieces down, left, right, from the side of the board, and in-between other pieces. A piece can move until it connects to another piece (or the floor).+ Go for big points, or play it safe? Think strategically and place pieces in the best location. Refine your strategy over time.+ On level up, a new row of pieces push up from the bottom.+ Watch out! The game is over when pieces go over the top.THERE ARE THREE DIFFERENT WAYS TO LOVE SQUARES+ NORMAL - Drop pieces, make squares, avoid the top.+ HARDCORE - Like Normal mode, but with an initial challenge and faster level up.+ ASCENDER - Three colors, and level up when you make a square.SQUARES ARE FOREVER+ Game Center scores and achievements.+ Compatible with iPhone & iPod Touch (3rd gen and higher) and iPad. Expand
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  1. May 30, 2012
    Fans of slower-paced puzzlers like Drop7 and DropZap will find plenty to like here, then, but ultimately it lacks the cascading compulsion of its peers.