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  • Summary: i3 is an original puzzle game featuring multi-colored rolling cubes. Simple, sophisticated and addictive, i3 is played with just three actions: 1. Roll 3D colored cubes around the game board 2. Place cubes in matching lines 3. Release lines of three or more cubes to score i3 is designed especially for touch screens and the active cube follows your finger around the game board, locking in place when touched. Lines are released with a double-touch or by touching both ends at once.

    Free as many cubes as possible before the board fills up and release multiple lines at once to increase your score.

    Welcome to the future of puzzle games.

    Further information is available on the i3 website > www.playi3.com

    i3 is published by Found in the Future Ltd > www.foundinthefuture.com
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  1. Jul 12, 2012
    An enjoyable game with smart visual presentation and an airy synth soundtrack that makes you feel as though you're racing against time to figure out an important puzzle. Which is of course, exactly what you're doing. They got that spot on then. You'll feel compelled to master in the same way as it's older cousin, surely a major endorsement.
  2. Apr 15, 2011
    It's a very original idea for a puzzle game, and hasn't been done a lot compared to those Tetris knock offs. Unfortunately I didn't find a free version in the app store, so this would be a gamble, but ok for those who are into puzzle games.