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  • Summary: iAIRSOFT????????????????????????,??????????????(?????),??????????????????????!??????????:???????????:?????????:???????????????????????????????????????????????????????!!????????????????!!==============================================iAIRSOFTWanna know what it’s like in a real war gameiAIRSOFT????????????????????????,??????????????(?????),??????????????????????!??????????:???????????:?????????:???????????????????????????????????????????????????????!!????????????????!!==============================================iAIRSOFTWanna know what it’s like in a real war game scene??Dare to feel the adrenaline kicking in and to bath in the formidable BB-Bullet-Rain?This original App is the very first FPS Game adopting real scenes and real war game players in!! You can easily choose your battlefield from a complete collection of Authentic War Game Zones (keep updating) and even more, you will fight with Real War Game Teams!! First released map is the coming movie War Game 229’s shooting locations, “Nang Gang Military camp” and “Hsin-yi Plant Complex.” Wish you a Trigger-Happy jourley!Game Features:Real War Game ZonesReal War Game TeamsTons of special customized BB GunsEasy to maneuverOngoing updating weapons, enemies, zones, game modesNewbie, what are you waiting for?? Grab your gun and start shooting at something, NOW!!Besides enjoying this authentic game, don’t forget to give us a good rating and let us know what you think about it! Expand
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