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  • Summary: A 3 stage military campaign to save Earth from an Alien Attack. Push the Aliens back into outer space before they destroy Earth. Start your military campaign in a Tank, progress your way up to a Jet Fighter and finish the Aliens off in space with your galactic fighter. Start out in your Tank. Tilt your device left and right to dodge Alien goop. Have fun blasting Aliens out of the sky but watch out for the boss. He's harder to kill and shoots in all directions.

    The F15 Stage is next. Aliens hide behind clouds but they're no match for your guns and missiles. You have two sites to target the Aliens. The close up site shoots bullets and the other missiles. When you have a target in site your gunner will fire for you.

    Last Stage. Fly through Space. You must shoot down the last 10 Aliens before you run out of fuel. Tip: Use a High speed setting and follow the arrows to find the Aliens. Once you're close, slow your ship down to target and fire your laser canons. You'll enjoy flying through space while stars and planets go whizzing by.

    With the pause buttons and auto save it's easy to stop and pick up where you left off.

    We hope you'll enjoy playing it as much as we do.
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