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  • Summary: Check out this Arcade game, first of its kind. You have played lots of arcade game but this one is different. The game takes you inside the Earth, deep into Earth's core.

    The game go like this.....

    A deadly virus has infected the Earth's surface and is spreading rapidly. All shall
    perish if the virus infiltrates the deep strata of the Earth and reaches the core.

    The only way to sustain life and protect the planet is by completely destroying the virus before it reaches the Earth's core with help of iAntiviruz.

    Your mission is to rescue Earth by terminating the virus before it cankers the Earth's core. Navigate the iAntiviruz along the infectious trail left behind by the virus. Dodge the toxins and engulf the virus infections to increase immunity, earn points and become the saviour!

    Keep playing to reach high score and compete with players from around the world in a fun filled and exciting mission.

    The search for the SAVIOUR has began....................

    But its not that easy as you will be in the world which is rotating continuously and you have to control the iAntiviruz in order to collect good objects and reach the core.

    So what you waiting for download the game save the world and make high score to beat other users all over the globe and show them who are superior.

    The game also changes its looks depending on how are you playing.
    Color of the infectious trail varies between the shades of green and red indicating the quality of the game play. Green being the most desirable indicates good game play whereas Red indicates poor game play. Good Luck!!!!!!!!

    Great electronic sound which makes you feel in the different world.


    Try to avoid the bad objects and collect the good ones to reach the high Score.


    Global high score.
    Local high score.
    Adaptive game play graphics which changes depending upon how one is playing, where green indicate best and red indicate worst.
    Electronic sound specific to the game.
    Download the wall papers from the game with out closing the game.
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