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  • Summary: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    $$$ *********** SALE *********** $$$
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ PLEASE READ! THE DEAL: - You can download $4.99 Game for $2.99 - PLAY the game - RATE or better write a REVIEW about your experience on App Store If you think that
    $$$ *********** SALE *********** $$$

    - You can download $4.99 Game for $2.99
    - PLAY the game
    - RATE or better write a REVIEW about your experience on App Store

    If you think that this is a fair agreement and accept the terms
    download the game and ENJOY it!

    When National Geographic meets App Store! One of the
    most likeable game!
    *** AppGamer ***

    Beautiful, elegant and smart. As iPhone. A must for all
    iPhone and iPod Touch!
    *** iPhoneGame ***


    It’s about Borneo! It’s about the lush hot jungle of Sabah.
    Deep in the rainforest in the river under the mangrove
    vegetation live a small fish with great ability: to shoot small
    insects from plants above the watersurface, with so high
    precision that even prey in 4-6 feet high couldn’t feel itself
    in secure. It’s name is Archerfish or Toxotes jaculatrix (Pallas, 1767).
    You can live and feel how this small creature fight for its food
    day by day in the beautiful but harsh environment of the rainy
    tropical forest.

    It’s about game! It’s about how fast how accurate you are
    when small flies land on plants above the water and you
    have to shoot it as soon as possible. If you like to survive you
    have to be fast and accurate!

    You can try yourself how could you survive the challange of
    the Mother Nature, without guns, commando’s gadgets
    without shooting anybody except flies and other small

    It’s ideal for smaller kids, youngsters or pacifist adults or
    anybody who like animals, nature and of course for everybody
    who like to play on iPhone or iPod Touch. IS IT HARD TO PLAY? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You can choose which level you' like to challange yourself. At the lowest level anybody without any gaming past even small youngsters could play it easily. BUT at the highest level even hardcore gamers feel the challange, without good reflexes and very low reaction time you have no choice. HOW TO USE? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You can shoot flies, in 4 easy steps: * move fish to position under the fly * turn fish’s body to aim fly load enough water in the mouth of the fish depending on shooting distance and angle FIRE! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ VIDEO: http://www.iarcherfish.com ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ SE: 3D, aim, ancie, assasin’s creed, girls, baseball, bawl, bowl, beje, boys, bpl, brick, bubble, gun, top, gear, gps, guitar, car, city, class, color, crash, doodle, free, sudo, soli, bar, joke, enig, fast, fit, flirt, flick fishing, field, enig, epl, fart, f1, face, field, fish, flas, flight, geodefense, earth, hunt, ifar, igir, imob, ishoot, steam, laby, lie, lite, light, lot, man, mlb, nba, koi, shop, strip, koi, ocar, ground, golf, jules verne’s return, mafia, mania, metal, mls, movie, mono, motor, myst, nhl, nanosaur, panda, premium, pro, parking lot, pocket god, koi pond, photo, radio, remote, rope’nfly, scrabble, shaze, skype, snip, sound, ishoot, space, spoone, sudo, super, tap, tetris, texas, tip, touch, tweeter, uno, grenade, rally, run, snip, mam, virt, war, weather, wheel, wifi, wobble, zenonia, zombieville
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