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  • Summary: iATC HD is the a new action sim in the world of air traffic controllers. With an interface designed specifically to take advantage of the large iPad screen, the elegant controls will let you direct your planes with ease. See how long you can hold out in Survival Mode, where you'll have to deal with planes at a quicker and quicker pace. Or try Free Play where arrivals and departures will occur at a steady pace. But be careful: fly too close, depart in the wrong direction, or leave the airspace and you just might lose the game. Lose track of time and stay on the edge of your seat trying to keep up with iATC HD.Features:Slick, easy-to-use interface for directing your planeScrollable altitude and speed controlsInteractive compass rose to change headingDirect arriving planes to a runway and clear them for landingDirect departing planes to the correct altitude and direction3 different sized aircraft with different minimum and maximum speedsFree Play and Survival modesRealistic audio featuring voice work from actual pilotsDisplay panel shows detailed information at a glance for each plane in your airspace Multi-altitude terrain to make navigating the airspace more challengingHOLD PATTERNS to ease the tension of clogged airspaceLow fuel emergencies force you to prioritize planes in danger of crashingGame Centre achievement and leader board supportAutomatically saves your game3 different maps to play on, with more comingAnd introducing voice commands!-using the microphone built into your headset, instruct planes to land, depart, enter hold patterns, change altitude, speed and heading*NOTE* voice controls work best when using an external microphone. Commands must be spoken audibly and clearly and follow realistic ATC formats (examples provided in app and on our website)NOW AVAILABLE!iATC HD Communicator, our first iPhone Companion App!!-Control the planes on your iPad from your iPhone or iPod touch! You can find it here:http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/iatchd-communicator/id495667871?mt=8For detailed instructions on playing the game please visit our website www.punkstarstudios.comPlease send suggestions and feedback to support@punkstarstudios.com. Customer input is always welcome! Expand
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