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  • Summary: iCharade - The iPhone Charades Party Game!

    No more wasting time thinking of Charades Ideas.

    iCharade is a “chock-full-of-features”, fully customizable, multi-player Charades game for your iPhone or iPod Touch. Perfect for parties, at family gatherings and for students!
    iCharade is similar to other group party and board games like Pictionary, Catch-Phrase or Guesstures. Simply form two teams, launch the game, press “SPIN!” to randomly generate charades ideas, and start pantomiming and guessing! Detailed “how-to-play” rules are included in the app. ---------------------------------------- iCharade Features: ---------------------------------------- A category and word generator randomly selects from a database of over 1000 fully customizable charades ideas (and growing), with FREE AUTOMATIC UPDATES to the word list.* * NOTE: INTERNET CONNECTIVITY IS REQUIRED TO DOWNLOAD CATEGORY AND KEYWORD UPDATES TO iCHARADE, AS THEY BECOME AVAILABLE * EASILY ADD YOUR OWN CATEGORIES AND WORDS TO THE RANDOMIZED DATABASE * You choose which categories you want the charades ideas to generate words from. (Animals, Famous TV Shows, NCAA Football Teams, Common Idioms, Books, Movies, People, Places, Job Titles and Song Titles… for now) * A touch screen visual/audio timer and buzzer with customizable sound and time settings * A scoreboard to keep track of team play * “Team vs. Team” and “Free-For-All” modes * Complete “How-To-Play” and rules in application * More features than the $25 hand held games you find in stores! The ability to add your own words makes a for a game with legs and adds real value and long-term playability. ---------------------------------------- More than just a Charades game ---------------------------------------- * Easily use the customizable timer as a stand-alone timer for other games or uses * Customize the database with any list of words and categories you choose, then use the bulit-in randomizer engine to generate random items from your custom list. This feature could come in handy for dozens of other uses that we haven’t even thought of yet! For example, use it as a “magic 8-ball” customized with your own randomly generated answers. Let us know… ---------------------------------------- Leave us your feedback please ---------------------------------------- **** Please leave us feedback via our online form at mfjcreative.com or e-mail icharade@mfjcreative.com. This is the first version and we want to continually improve the app and make sure we update with the categories that people are requesting! Drop us your suggestions and feedback, we would appreciate it! Thank you. **** Category: Scrabble, Wurdle, Word Warp, Words Worth, Hangman, Wordpop, Foggle, Word Party, iHangman, Fire Phrase, Charades, PassPhrase, PhraseCraze, What Ifs, Pictionary, Guesstures, Worder, Board Games, Spelling Bee, Fire Words, Monopoly, UNO, Truth or Dare, Domino, Dominoes, Backgammon, Truth or Dare X Keywords: charades, charade, party, group game, word generator, random words, randomize, customizable, fun, entertain, entertainment, family, timer, buzzer, scoreboard, score keeping, teams, team game, competition, acting, act, pantomime, guesstures, portable, board game, classic, popular, fun, enjoy Expand
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