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  • Summary: From the creators of the popular iGomoku HD Pro game!Checkers (also known as draughts in the United Kingdom and some other countries) is board game played on an eight by eight squared board (with sixty-four total squares) with twelve pieces on each side. Games supports two sets of rules standard English-American and Italian.Standard English-American rules: Checkers is played on a board which is divided into 64 squares. Each player starts the game with 12 checkers, also called "men". Move your checker forward one space diagonally in either direction to an open black square. A checker can only move forward. You may not land on a square that is occupied by your checker or your opponent's checker.Players alternate turns, making one move per turn.When a checker reaches the last row of the board, he is "kinged" or "crowned" and becomes a king. A king moves the same way as a regular checker, except he can move forward or backward.On your turn, if your checker is next to your opponent's checker, and the black square behind your opponent's checker is open, you must jump over it. After you jump your opponent's checker, it will be removed from the board. You have "captured" your opponent's checker.If one jump leads to another jump, you then continue with the next jump as part of the same turn. Continue in this way until all possible jumps are complete. If your checker jumps to the last row and is crowned, you may not make any further jumps, your turn is over.Jumping is compulsory. If you have the opportunity to jump and capture an opponent's checker, you must take it. If you have more than one capturing opportunity, you may choose whichever you prefer.You may not jump over your own checkers.You can jump and capture a king the same way as you jump and capture a regular checker.A player wins the game when they capture all of their opponent's checkers, or when they block their opponent completely and the opponent cannot move.Italian checkers rules:The main difference between Italian checkers and British-American checkers is that regular checkers cannot jump kings and kind can move forward or backward one square at a time in a diagonal direction to an unoccupied adjacent space FEATURES:- Italian and English checkers- 5 original themes - Play with AI or with human opponent- Elo rating system Expand
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