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  • Summary: Kids look forward to playing chess with this game that was voted best in its class.

    Imagine a chess game that plays well, is really fun, and teachesóthatís iChessKids. This chess game was developed to make it fun to learn and play chess. Kids will absolutely LOVE playing chess
    with this innovative application.

    Dozens of animations keep it interesting. No more boredom! The pieces even talk to you if you tap them. They also enjoy gloating after capturing another piece, too.

    There are four different board scenarios that you can select from: Candy, Jungle, Space, and Winter. All four are exceptionally done, and make playing a pleasant experience.

    You can get help on using the instructions at http://www.ichesskids.com/help.htm.

    The 17 tutorials show you how to play. They teach how each piece moves. But past the basics of how pieces move, they teach you strategies such as forks, discovered attacks, and knight corrals.

    You can set the game to play human vs. computer, computer vs. computer, or human vs. human. The human vs. human mode is handy when travelling and you don't have a chess board with which to play.

    Here is what iChessKids offers:
    Multiple themed boards
    Three different skill levels
    Dozens of animations
    Game control
    Legal move highlighting
    Cool sounds
    Great game play
    And much more...
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