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  • Summary: We face many challenges and pressures in life and need to make decisions all the time. This game app aims to hone your skills in making the right decisions. Treat your avatar's life as you would your own (in real life) and make the right decisions by engaging your avatar in healthy activities. Keep your avatar's health, happiness, intelligence and exercise status bars at the maximum and while doing so, your avatar would gain points. Have fun!!Status There are four status bars (denoted by colours) to maintain - health, happiness, intelligence and exercise. You should aim to keep these bars at 100% by engaging your avatar in various activities within each status bar to bring up the level and gain points. Action To keep your status bars at healthy levels, it is important to let your avatar engage in various activities to maintain a healthy balance between the mind and the body. There are three activities within each status bar. Select the desired activity and get awarded with points after completing the activity, which takes a few minutes to a few hours. Your avatar will gain more points if it does the selected activity with your Facebook friends' avatars. While being engaged in the selected activity, your avatar might encounter temptations and offers which require decisions. Help your avatar make its choices wisely as they would either increase or decrease the avatar's points. Neglecting or ill-treating your avatar will lead to dire consequences - death. Ranking Board See your standing against other iChoozeLife players. Aim for the top spot!! Share with friendsShare your avatar with your Facebook friends whenever you wish to. You can also invite them to play iChoozeLife with you. Expand
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