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  • Summary: - Review from SlapApp.com ????
    "iChowdown is a perfect game for every red blooded, teen-aged dude that’s into being gross, burping, farting, chewing with their mouth open, and ignoring their parents."

    - Review from iphonefootprint ?????
    "iChowdown is a whole lot of fun. A
    good job on this one, ZENUX LAB!"

    - The 3rd Episode of Mr. Dumb series -

    Have you seen the "ChowDown Campion"?

    You can be a chowdown campion in this game.

    Mr. Dumb visits a local restaurant. He is so hungry and can eat anything! Fortunately, the restaurant has a special promotion and he can eat as much as he wants at a very low price. Now, the question is how much this greedy Mr. Dumb can fill his empty tummy with food…
    Watch out! If you force him eat too much, he may throw up the half-digested food before you!


    - Very funny, ugly dumb characters
    - Hundreds of Different Foods From All Around the World (US, Asia, Europe).
    - Realistic sounds and vivid graphics
    - Exciting Mini games
    - Music on/off option
    - Tutorial provided


    - EP1 _ Go Down! (July 13, 2009)
    - EP2 _ Toilet (in review)

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