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  • Summary: **** APPVENT CALENDAR PROMOTION **** Visit http://appventcalendar.com/ for many great free games until December 24th. ************************************ From Tootle, the creators of Snow Way To Draw and Heartist, comes Ickle Count a simple pick up and play counting game that can be played just for fun or to aid with a child's numeracy skills.

    Ickle count involves tapping little diver characters in sequence to count as many as possible before time runs out.

    For every diver you select correctly a sea monster will grab and eat them to a satisfying friendly chomp, whilst increasing the highest number achieved so far. If you touch the wrong diver they will shake to tell you you've got the wrong one.

    When time runs out you will see you're final count along with some feedback on how well you did. How high will you be able to count to before time runs out?

    • A fork
    • Ickle divers
    • A giant sea monster
    • Friendly sound effects from real sea monsters and divers
    • Vibration if you touch the wrong diver (iPhone only)
    • You're highest number reached so far always visible

    **** CONTACT ****

    Email any comments or suggestions to everyone@tootlegames.com or submit on our website where you can also keep in touch with upcoming features and future games we are developing.


    On Twitter? http://twitter.com/tootlegames
    On Facebook? http://www.facebook.com/TootleGames


    Snow Way To Draw
    Seaman Count
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