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  • Summary: Coasters is a retro bar game that combines luck and skill into one fun, fast and easy contest. - Each coaster occupies a position in the row of coasters on the screen. - The coaster on the far left is in the number 1 position if you count from the left. - That same coaster is also the number 7 coaster if you count from the right.

    - So the first coaster on either side can be used as the number 1 or number 7, the second coaster in from either side can be use as the number 2 or the number 6, etc.

    - Start the game by turning over any coaster to reveal the number on the flip side.

    - Let’s say that you turn over the first coaster on the left and reveal the number 5.

    - You now have the option of counting five coaster in from either the left or the right.

    - Decide which one you want to flip over and use the new number to decide which coaster to flip over next.

    - As the game goes on, there will be fewer options.

    - You win when you have successfully turned over all coasters.

    You can also keep score with your friends using the number of coasters you have successfully turned over, and add a bonus when you turn them all over. Enjoy!
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