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  • Summary: UPDATE 1.23 Approved! Now with better steering, 60 levels, improved menu selector for quick play (skirmish mode) and new bonus items and tanks!

    “It’s the classic Atari game of Combat, made up all pretty like for the 21st century, and adding mines, grenades, homing missiles,
    cloaking devices—the works. Super addicting." - Gizmodo

    "I find iCombat to deliver an enjoyable (and cute) pick-up game experience...Anyone who likes what they see here should grab the game...It's a good time." - Touch Arcade

    "One of the most underrated games. A true, hidden gem." - iPodTouchFans


    Finally you can play a modern version of the classic arcade tank games on your iPhone!

    Steer your powerful little tank by tilting the screen while tapping anywhere to fire your missiles. Like with the original tank games, your missiles bounce so you have to think carefully about how to navigate the levels using the ricochet to kill enemy tanks.

    In addition to being able to drop mines, you can collect bonus items like invisible, shield, grenades and homing missiles and use them to try to beat 60 challenging levels.

    Also has an awesome 2 player mode, with 10 levels with bonus items for you to battle your friends.

    - Accelerometer & D-pad steering w/ adjustable tilt settings
    - Tap screen where you want to fire
    - Plant mines that can detonate with a pinch, enemy contact or by time trigger
    - Detonate walls with mines or grenades
    - Collect bonus items: grenades, homing missiles, shield and cloaking
    - 60 levels with up to 10 tank enemies per level
    - 3 difficulty modes (Hard is almost unbeatable!)
    - Navigate obstacles including anti-tank barriers while detonating walls to pass levels
    - 2 player battle mode across 10 levels
    - Original soundtrack and sound effects

    Please send us your ideas and feedback! We will decide on what to include (bonus items, weapons, etc.) in next updates based on your input so visit us at http://www.icombatgame.com
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