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  • Summary: iCompute - stay sharp Stimulate your brain, stay sharp. Use iCompute daily to improve your mental acuity! iCompute presents you simple math questions (additions, substractions, multiplications) which you must answer within a time limit. It is highly customizable (see screenshot of the options page).

    You can customize:
    - The type of questions (operations) that are asked
    - The total number of questions in the quiz
    - The time limit for each question
    - The number of digits

    iCompute is also perfect for kids and students of all ages who wish to improve their math skills or mental sharpness while having fun! Since it is highly customizable it can accommodate children and math gurus equally (with up to 6 digit numbers). It can also perfect for seniors who want to stay sharp.

    Unlike other math quiz application which ask multiple choice questions, iCompute expects you to enter the answer using a numerical keypad.

    - Randomly generated questions (never the same game twice)
    - Highly customizable game
    - Game can be interrupted: if you get a phone call or text message, or if you exit iCompute, you can resume right where you left off next time you launch it!
    - During the game, screen remains on (no dimming of the display)

    Stay sharp on the go, with iCompute
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