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  • Summary: How far can you hop, bounce, and fly before facing the bitter end? Furiously tilt your way across the screen in iHop – Getaway Chicken, and run – run for your life!? Flee from the Farmer, at all costs.Your days of peacefully living in the chicken coop are gone. It’s that dreadful time of the year, and Farmer Brown is looking for the next unfortunate chicken to fit in his freezer. Miraculously, the pig next door lets you out of the coop just in time! Now it’s up to you and your little hot wings to make the greatest escape of your life.? May the best chicken win.1. Some chickens will become burgers, some may be fried, and a select few roasted – but only the greatest make the Christmas table. Find out your awful destiny by going the distance, and try to collect different types of ending scenes on the way.2. Connect with your friends on the gaming network WEMO, and say hello to their sad ghosts as you pass by the farthest points they were ever able to reach. Unlock achievements, and compete against the world in rankings using WEMO and Game Center.3. Getting tired of simply hoppin’ away? Check your Mission List at the beginning of the game and achieve away, for extra items and extra fun!? Player Tips1. Collect the specified balloons to become Chicken Almighty – the fearless, immortal daredevil. You’ll still need to keep an eye on the clock though – super powers come with limits.2. Landing on springs will give your hop an extra boost. Make sure to look out for the arrows below as you descend, as they are your only guide to safe landing points.3. Extra upgrades from the shop make your life easier! Skis will help when you land on tiny surfaces, and super eggs will come in handy in the later stages when you need to get rid of an entire colony of bats, or pop a bunch of balloons with a single shot.? Completely addicted? Find out more, and Like us!Website : http://www.wemogames.netFacebook : http://www.facebook.com/wemogames Twitter : https://www.twitter.com/wemogames Expand
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  1. Nov 29, 2011
    Despite some complaints here and there, this is not a bad little title, though it's a little pricey at $2.00 and lacks lasting appeal.